Community Safety: COVID-19 Response

March 13, 2020

Dear Members,

In view of the developing COVID-19 pandemic, and in the interests of your safety and that of the wider community, we have decided to cancel our two March programs:  the Lunch planned for March 20 on “Minority Languages in World Affairs” (by SECWAC member Nina Garrett) and the Regular Monthly Meeting planned for March 26 at Connecticut College on “India, Pakistan, and the War over Kashmir” (Dean Accardi).  We hope to reschedule them to Q2 2020 or the Fall.

This decision aligns with the Governor of Connecticut’s recommendations on community health ad safety.  We will continue to monitor the situation and update you on plans for April when we have a Quarterly Colloquium Meeting planned for April 9 on “COVID-19 Update” by Dr Saad Omer, Yale Institute for Global Health (that should be very interesting!) and our April Regular Monthly Meeting planned for later in the month on “US Submarine Employment and Effectiveness in a Dynamic World: Stealth, Mobility and Firepower” by SECWAC member Admiral John Padgett).

We wish you the very best as we all deal with this worldwide pandemic, and hope to be back with you soon with more SECWAC programs. 

Please feel free to reach out to me ( if you have any questions.


Paul Nugent
Executive Director and Program Committee Chair, SECWAC


Mission Statement

The mission of the Southeast Connecticut World Affairs Council (SECWAC) is to foster an understanding of issues of foreign policy and international affairs by study, debate, and educational programming, primarily through a Speakers Series of 8 to 10 monthly meetings.