About Us

The Southeast Connecticut World Affairs Council, Inc. (SECWAC), sponsors a Speakers Series of 8 to 10 meetings annually. We provide a forum for nonpartisan, non-advocacy dialogue between our members, U.S. policy makers, and other experts on foreign relations.

We are committed to hosting the widest possible range of views, while advocating none. By maintaining a reputation for impartiality, we facilitate serious and civil debates and discussion on issues that bear directly on the USA’s vital global interests.

SECWAC dates back to 1999. We are a regional membership organization and are a member council of the World Affairs Councils of America (WACA). WACA assists us in identifying quality foreign affairs speakers for lectures and panel discussions at our meetings.

For questions about SECWAC, please contact us at: info@SECWAC.org or call 860-912-5718.

View our 2016-2017 ANNUAL REPORT.


Our Officers and Board of Directors for the 2017 – 2018 membership year are listed below:


Chairman, Milton J. Walters

Executive Director*, Paul Nugent

Secretary, Virginia Patterson Montgomery

Treasurer, Richard W. Stout III

Assistant Secretary, Sandra Yarrow Rueb


Jonathan Putnam Butler, Architect

Andrew Gibson, CEO AeroCision, LLC

Kayla Hedman, Founder/CEO of Memoir Hub LLC and Marketer/Designer Miranda Creative

Daniel G. Henderson, Publisher, LOL Neighbors Magazine

R. Blair McBeth, Jr., Osage Advisors

Burr McDermott, Regional Sales, Manager, Kaydem Foods

Andy Mink, Journalist

Virginia Montgomery, Retired Educator

Sandra Yarrow Rueb, Director, Community Foundation

John Stratton, Non-Profit Editorial Services

Pieter Vissecher, Research Manager, UConn

Milton J. Walters, CEO, Tri-River Capital

* Executive Director elected annually; Board participant